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Resource Levelling in PPM

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Resource Levelling in PPM

Hi - Does anyone know what is the best practice to do resource levelling in PPM. We dont use the PPM to MSP integration and usually have tasks that are longer than a month in duration. I wish the "Resource Usage" view would be editable, so that I can level the resource from that view.

Any tips or ideas would help!

Ryan Dijamco
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Re: Resource Levelling in PPM

We have also tried to find a method to manually level our resources, but have not found a solution. In uploading a MSP to a PPM Workplan we have Resources levelled with variations in scheduled effort over a period of time. Once uploaded into PPM, those variations in scheduled effort are automatically spread into a even distribution over the scheduled duration of time.

The only possible solution for us would be to replicate tasks 100's of times over and schedule effort that way, but that is just a ridiculous solution.

It is indeed a pain.