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Resource Leveling in PPMC Work Plan

Brandon Kniffen
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Resource Leveling in PPMC Work Plan

Hello. Can someone help me clearly understand how resource leveling works in PPMC. I know that Microsoft Project does resource leveling for you. Resource leveling in MPP is used to do many things (i.e. push the schedule based on assignments to understand where the bottlenecks are at and why dates may be pushed out) and I'm afraid PPMC doesnt do the same things.
Does PPMC do resource leveling for you?

I dug into the details and it looks like the way PPMC does resource leveling is through the Scheduling Project Policy type when looking at resource calendars and availability. I'm wondering how to easily explain or document this for a client.

Thanks in advance!!
Semenov Alexand
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Re: Resource Leveling in PPMC Work Plan

Resource Leveling allow book time to assigned resource for each task separetly with % complete, actual effort,actual dates i.e.

If set Project level then resources boot time only for project without detalizations.
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Re: Resource Leveling in PPMC Work Plan


When training on the cross-module integrations in PPM, use very simple diagrams that explain the roles and users that move a request, project, budget or other along its path until completion. I have learned the hard way that the complexity of the resource management module and the web-based nature of the Project Management Module are VERY confusing to customers,

very simply, explain to the customer, in a workflow diagram, the integration between the resource profile (bottom level rule) the resource scheduler (allocation rules) and the project resource finder (project-work assignment rules)

these are bottom-up processes that engage many of the roles/resources in IT to complete(probably things they do today in another system) I think I have some documents that I created for my CIO that helped a ton, let me know what you come up with and if you are not satisfied with the result, I try to dig them for you


Brandon B Moore
Mark Clifford
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Re: Resource Leveling in PPMC Work Plan

Hey Brandon, PPM doesn't really do resource leveling like MSP. The "Scheduling" project type policy controls the start/finish dates of tasks based on individual resource and regional calendars. It doesn't prevent a resource from being over tasks on any given day/week. The "Resource Usage" screen in the work plan can help you spot needs for resource leveling but unlike the similar screen in MSP (View->Resource Usage), you can't edit task resource assignments in this screen. Also PPM does not allow assigned hours for a task to be different per day. So if you have a 5 day task in MSP from Monday to Friday with 4 hours on Monday, 10 hours Tues/Wed/Thurs, and 6 hours Friday => PPM would not support this. It will take the total hours and divide them equally across all work days between the start and finish dates of the task (8 hours a day in this example).