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Resoruce availability for a request

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Resoruce availability for a request

Hi everyone,

I am set up a request type where the user that create a request just can use the resource of  an specific resource pool and require the allocation from the resource pool manager like the staffing profiles works in the project process or the assets request.

Above, because I need control the resource availability before allocate a resource into a request.


Is this possible??? 

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Re: Resoruce availability for a request

Hi George,


under 7.5, a somewhat similar request was created for a customer that is unfortunately deferred:

QCCR1L29924: Provide more detailed scheduling and a link to Resource Calendar in demand management requests



When a resource is assigned to a request, the customer would like to be able to click the resource's name and pop up the calendar so he can see the resource's availability.


This occurs when assigning a resource to a request.


It is unacceptable to have to go out of the request and search for the resource to look for his capacity.


The ability to search for or bring up the resource's information in the request screen.


Sorry that I can't give you any better help. Maybe someone from the community has an idea how to work around this issue.


Good luck and best regards,