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Requests and projects backup

Łukasz Czech
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Requests and projects backup


is there a way to make a backup of
1. Request with all it's data (form values, status, workflow steps traversed, active), fields history, references, etc.
2. Project with all request data (project details) it's related entities - risks, issues, scr, workplan, budget, staffing profile

For Project it's not a must to have it's related entities (issues, risk, scr) also backed up, but I want to keep relation after backup restore.

Is it possible? As for now we use all DB backup but occassionally there are requests to restore project data from specific date after corruption of this data or unwanted changes being made which cannot be undoed.

Lukasz Czech
Darshan Bavisi
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Re: Requests and projects backup

Hi Lukasz,

Partial restore is not possible OOTB unfortunately, unless anyone has created a custom solution for that. There are a couple of other options that can be done but all of them are tedious,

1. Restore the entire application - In this case all other users will need to check their data (requests, projects, time sheets, etc.) to make sure everything is latest and if anything is missing then they will need to re-create it. This one is the most difficult and time consuming, but only if criticality requires it to be done.

2. Restore the entire application but as a new instance altogether on the same machine with different port no. and schema - This option shouldn't take a couple of hours or so and once you create a new instance, then those users whose data got corrupted can access this instance to see their original data and then can manually updated the real production application to correct their data.

I don't think there's a way to restore only the corrupted or as-needed data, but these options can help resolve the issues if there's no other way for the users to fix their data.