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Requests Export and Import

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Requests Export and Import

Hello All,

Is it possible to export PPM requests, staffing profiles and programs from one environment and import it in other environment?



Benny Kung

Re: Requests Export and Import

My company PPMetrics has created a tool called the Excel Inteface (XLI) that can assist with your requirement except for the exporting/importing Programs. It's essentially used to manage and report on PPM data in Excel. PM me if you'd like more info.

Derek Giedd
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Re: Requests Export and Import

I started developing database procedures to do this, but have not fully completed it yet due to other priorities. I did see some success but I needed to do some more testing and cleanup. It is not the simplest procedure but it does seem to work.  If you want it, I will try to find some time to clean it up a little and then I can send it to you. The process I used was:

1) Create custom database tables to mimic the request interface tables (kcrt_requests_int, kcrt_request_header_details_int, 

2) Run a custom procedure to retrieve the data from the appropriate tables and store this in the custom tables.

3) Copy the custom table data to the destination environment.

4) Run a custom procedure to move the data to the Interface tables.

5) Run the Import Requests report.

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