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Request status is not updating properly

Shravan Kathuri
Senior Member

Request status is not updating properly


We have 2 steps in our workflow.

1) One is Execution step containing "KSc_store" command.
2) and other one is the decision step contaning the request status as "Closed Success".

When the request is moved from exection step to decision step,the commands in the first execution step are not executing properly , but the result is shown as "Succeded"( in graphical view).
because of this, in the next decision step, it is not showing the actual status("Closed Success").

Please let us know how to resolve this issue, ASAP.

Shravan kumar.
Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: Request status is not updating properly

You might try putting a decision step with a 1-minute timeout (so nobody really ever makes a decision) as the first step, then the execution and your other decision. As I recall, sometimes PPM has problems when the first step in a workflow is an execution.
Shravan Kathuri
Senior Member

Re: Request status is not updating properly

Hi Erik Cole,

Thanks for your quick response.Here, the mentioned execution step is not a first step.
But we have the another execution step as a first step.This problem is not generating every time.This problem is getting displayed for some of the requests only?

Rich Y_1

Re: Request status is not updating properly


We've ran into the same issue here where a request status would not update to the correct status some of the time. What we found is it appears to be if someone hit save as the workflow is advancing. The only workaround that we have found in during execution steps we set the status to 'Please Refresh Your Browser' and only show the request number on the screen in that status. Since we have done this we have not had the issue again. We're currently running ITG 5.5. Hope this help you.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event