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Request Management workflow is not working properly.

Surabhi Srivast
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Request Management workflow is not working properly.

Our environment: HPSM 7.11 on Windows Server 2003 64 bit.

My scenario:
1.I created only 1 category under Quote Category named it as Default.
2. Added below phases under it.
a) COB1 it has approval
b) Assignment
c) Ownership
d) Implementation
e) Request Closure

We have 3 workflows:
a) 1 which have approval and the remaining phase
b) 1 which have no approval and remaining phase
c) 1 which have only approval

User will login to site. Will click on Log an Interaction, fill all the details and instaed on getting a submit button he will get a "Open new Request" button. When he will click on this button he will be asked to save the interaction. Once he saves that interaction a request ticket will be raised.
The subcategory in interaction decides whether this subcategory has approval or not. A character field (zappflag) captures true/false from interaction end.

The same field through screlate goes to ocmq table and defines whether approval is there or not. according to which the first phase (COB1) is decided.

So the condition written next to COB1 is zappflag in $L.file="true".

And the condition written next to the remaining phase is subcategory in $L.file~="" ( this makes my third workflow to work)

Now my problem is the Assignment phase is lopped up twice.
I am skipping my COB1 phase, I am landing up in Assignment phase, changing some fields and then clicking on Next Phase. Again Assignment phase is getting open.

No idea, why again this phase is opening.??