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Request Automatic assignment

Rayan Ali
New Member.

Request Automatic assignment

I have a request with 2 steps workflow
(ready to be assigned) and (under investigation)

And I have 5 users who will work with this workflow, each one can work with 10 request at same time.

I want PPM to assign to these users new request automatically from (ready to be assigned) whenever they finish doing one request FIFO

so if Marc have 10 in his queue and close one request immediately PPM will assign one requests from requests in (ready to be assigned) stage to him and change step to (under investigation)
Sascha Mohr
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Request Automatic assignment

you could achive this with an execution step at the end of the workflow. It should search for the oldest unassigned request of that type and then assign it to the user who was responsible for the request that is been closed.