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Refreshing the Test instance with Production

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Refreshing the Test instance with Production

Hi All,

We have recently refreshed the test instance with Production (both the database and the file server system).
Everything seems to be working fine except for the Project plan URL Links.
In the request form there is a URL field which contain the lnk to the PRoject overview page. This is a custom filed for which we have written a rule based on another filed where we select the project plan name.

The problem is that these links still point to the production server. The problem is not there when i try and create a new request and when i select a project plan. This will create a link which points to the test server.

Is there any way wherein i can update the project plan URL other then a regular database update.

Torsten Neumann
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Re: Refreshing the Test instance with Production

Hi Deepak,

as it is a custom field, there is no other way but to run a database update.

Something like

update kcrt_request_details rd
set parameter1 = replace(parameter1, '', '')
,visible_parameter1 = replace(visible_parameter1, '', '')
where rd.batch_number = 1
and rd.request_type_id =
(select request_type_id
from kcrt_request_types
where request_type_name = '')

should do the trick.

Of course you would have to empty the cache afterwards or update the ENTITY_LAST_UPDATE_DATE column in KCRT_REQUESTS for all changed requests.

Kintana strikes back... ;-)