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Reference of env file while migrating to a instance

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Reference of env file while migrating to a instance

Hi All,

When we are trying to migrate a package line to a instance (say INT) then this fails while trying to find the environment file for INT.  Below is the log of failure. Could anyone please suggest if this env file location (/home/appldev/$envfile) is defined at PPM end OR Intance end becuase I think this thing is configured at instance end and all the references to env. paths are taken from instance configuration file. But DBAs are not ready to accept it.

sent command:
[XXXX@INT:] . /home/appldev/$envfile; echo KSC_EXIT_STATUS $?
received echo:
. /home/appldev/$envfile; echo KSC_EXIT_STATUS $?
ksh: /home/appldev/.profile.INT:  not found.
Command: [. /home/appldev/$envfile] did not complete successfully.
Aborting command execution.
Closing SSH2 Session


Coudl any one advise



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Re: Reference of env file while migrating to a instance


The prompt [XXXX@INT:] indicates that this is connecting to the environment INT and not PPM. It appears the environment is the instance where it is trying to source the environment profile and all the commands are pointing to this instance (INT).


The easiest way to find out is to check the object type commands. Open the object type that this package line is using, go to commands and check which environment this is getting executed at.  There should be a special command called KSC_CONNECT. This command can be KSC_CONNECT_SOURCE_SERVER or KSC_CONNECT_DESTINATION_SERVER etc. Depending on whether PPM needs to connect to source/destination environments, check the workflow execution step to find out which environment the execution is supposed to happen.


Hope this helps.