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Recompiling Single JSP Page

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Recompiling Single JSP Page

Hi All,


Can anyone help, how to compile single jsp page in clustered environment. As I have used the below commnad to compile the page, Is it correct?


sh kJSPCompiler.jsp <jsp file name>.jsp


Thanks in Advance


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Re: Recompiling Single JSP Page

Hi PPMRam,


Why do you need to compile the file? Whenever you change the JSP file then it's automatically recompiled by the PPM to reflect the new changes.


However if you want to compile one file only then your syntax is correct..



Mohit Agrawal

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Re: Recompiling Single JSP Page

Hi, JSPs are not always compiled automatically in PPM. In a production environment the JSP automatic compile flag is usually turned off. This flag can be found in the
deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/conf/web.xml file:




I don't think you can compile a single file with the command. But if you run the ./ (not providing the "-all" flag) only modified files are compiled for all servers.


If you just want to compile a single file you probably need to use "javac <>" and also figure out what classpath to run with.


Regards Rikard