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Re-open option on Closed/Cancelled request Queries

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Re-open option on Closed/Cancelled request Queries

Hi Team,


Whilst analysing some behavior issues with various Request types, we came across this scenario where in the Re-open option is not seen on some requests and seen on some requests.


the qeury is on understanding of this options and its visibility. what actually drives the display of Re-open option on request types. and what are the access grants to be issues to have this option to be displayed.

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Re: Re-open option on Closed/Cancelled request Queries

"Reopen Request" button is not visible because Workflow does not define Reopen first WF step.
Defined Reopen first WF step.
"Reopen Request" button can now be found in the Status section of a cancelled proposal.


Do your different request types use different workflows?

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Re: Re-open option on Closed/Cancelled request Queries

Hello kwood55,


We have defined the re-open step on all workflows, i mean we have different workflow for each request type and the query was on the access./ config setting which suppresses the display of Re-open.


as we can see this button on some and not on some requests, hence wanted to knwo if there is any setting we are missing.


Re: Re-open option on Closed/Cancelled request Queries

Hello Bharat,


Please see the "Configuring Reopen Workflow Steps" section in the Demand Management Configuration Guide.


If necessary, users who have the required access grants can reopen closed requests. A reopened request begins at the reopen workflow step specified for the workflow. 

To specify a reopen step for a workflow follow the below steps:
1) Open a workflow in the Workflow Workbench.
2) Click the Workflow tab.
3) In the Reopen Step list, select the reopen workflow step.


Below are the users who can re-open the Request:
1) Anyone with Edit access to that Request (Request Type access or Workflow Security)
2) The Creator of the Request
3) "Edit All Requests" Access Grant will give the User the ability to re-open irrespective of any Workflow Security.


Hope this helps.



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