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RM Data - best way to see impacts from new projects on current allocations.

kev marks
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RM Data - best way to see impacts from new projects on current allocations.


We have implemented Resource Management awhile back and created some custom reports using 3rd party reporting software.

We now want to create an easy/accurate way to see the impacts from  new projects on current allocations. Basically, questions like, Can we handle this request?, if not what would the impacts to other projects be if we start it. This might be by pool or role.  And also at a higher level than the resource pool manager. This report would be used to decide what work we take on before it is approved.

Has anybody used the RM module that has successfully answered these questions, if so what do you use. OOTB functionality or custom reports.


Thanks in advance for any comments.


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Re: RM Data - best way to see impacts from new projects on current allocations.

Hello Kevin,


I would consider the Operational Reporting solution (Business Objects integration wtih PPM)


This solution has a RM reporting piece, with the following reports:


  • RM OOTB Report

              A  Demand Vs. Capacity report which provides a comparison of Capacity, Forecasted Demand and Actual Effort by Resource Pools, Roles, Regions with filtering capability for Roles, Resource Pools, Regions, Resource Categories.


  • Detail Reports:

−     Resource Pool details report

−     Staffing Profile details report

−     Request details report


Companies using this solution are able to identify queries like:


  • How much Forecasted Demand is related to Low priority/Low score projects, proposals ?
  • Which resources/roles are over allocated and what’s the priority/ROI of the projects, proposals causing over allocation?
  • Which resources/roles/resource pools are under utilized?
  • Actual effort being spent on projects, proposals that are low priority/low score
  • Compare the Forecasted Demand vs. Actual effort spent by business unit/business objective
  • Compare Capacity/Forecasted Demand/Actual Effort by Primary Organization Unit
  • Compare the Forecasted Demand for a baseline and active Staffing Profile for a specific Project, Proposals
  • How much time is being spent for taking care of specific Request Types e.g. Bug?

Also this solution has the option to create custom reports depending in your business needs.


For more info on regards the Operation Reporting solution, you can check the installation guide:


Operational Reporting Administrator's Guide


No extra licensing required, the installation bundles are available for PPM 9.1 users.



While this solution will definetly help you in decision making and sounds like our dreams came true  -


it requires a separate application server, a separate database schema configured for data warehouse (which is different to PPM database settings) and it requires training for the resources using this tools (Administrators and end users...)




Oscar Pereira

Erik Cole
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Re: RM Data - best way to see impacts from new projects on current allocations.

Hey Kevin,


We use the OOTB Scenario Comparison functionality to do this kind of analysis.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event