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Quick Edit Error

john toomey_1
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Quick Edit Error

I am PPMC 7.5 and I have a step where all the fields are locked down and not editable. However, if I do an advanced search and select one of these requests in that step, I can edit and save the fields using the Quick Edit error. My assumption would have been that the fields would be not editable, but they are editable. Has anyone seen this before?
Mahen M
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Re: Quick Edit Error

Hi John,
I think that the Advanced Search -> Quick Edit functionality is available for all the Custom Fields which you are authorized to edit will become enabled.

In one HP Training, We specifically did a test for this.... We made a custom field editable only by 'ITG Adminstrator' Security Group, And we removed the 'ITG Adminstrator' Security Group from our ID's. We are not able to see that custom field for edit in Quick Edit.

The fields which you can edit carries a Red asterix before.

Please see DM UG, Page 77 - 78 for more info. I don't have 7.5 instance to test this.

Mahendran M
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Re: Quick Edit Error


We experience the same issue and we are using PPM.75 SP4. This is a defect and HP provided a one - off patch.