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Questions on Oracle JDBC driver

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Questions on Oracle JDBC driver

How does PPM figure out the JDBC driver during startup (see below in quote)?

We installed a 11g client and got the new driver. Later we changed back the ORACLE_HOME and the PATH to point at the old 10g client. But still we can see this in the log, for some reason it is still using the 11g jdbc driver....? It works though cause its backward compatible, but I need to know...



serverLog_20100429.txt:server:main:com.kintana.core.server:2010/04/29-16:54:42.920 CEST: Oracle JDBC driver



Also is there a command to check what version of JDBC driver is included in an installation of e.g. an 11g client?




Jim Esler
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Re: Questions on Oracle JDBC driver

It appears that the JDBC driver is bundled into PPM. The log files started showing the driver level as after we installed one of the 7.5 Service Packs. Our database was at at that time. Since then, we have upgraded the database to and the JDBC driver level is still showing We never installed an Oracle client at any 11.1 level.