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Question on table "knta_documents" and historical attachments

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Question on table "knta_documents" and historical attachments

hi everybody,

i'm trying to realize some sort of "version history portlet" for all "Business Case Doc" and "Requirements Doc" documents (see "Business Case Details" section for all request types) that can be attached to a request!

my problem:

is there a way to get to all of the historical data for document-attachments, through table "knta_documents" for a particular request? the data itself remains in "knta_documents" after a document is changed (delete old doc., attach new one) for example, but the link/relation to the "parent" request exists only for the currently attached document only (see table field "PARENT_PRIMARY_KEY")!

unfortunately also no entries in "knta_references" are made in this case!

do you guys have an idea for a possible approach to this solution?

by now we don't want to use the documentum integration!

kind regards,
Sascha Mohr
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Re: Question on table "knta_documents" and historical attachments

Hi Nenad,
if you activated transaction history for the attachment field in your request, you will have some tracebility in the table kcrt_transactions like for other fields. knta_documents does contain infos on the files (like type, size) and even for previously attached files, if you don't have cleanup enabled in your server.conf; lines like these:
If you need more functionality, you could add the documentum DMS available for PPM without separate licensing.