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Question on PPM Upgrade

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Question on PPM Upgrade


Can you please help us know the best practice for upgrading PPM servers.

As an example if the current version we are on is PPM 6.0 and database version is and we would like to move to ppm 9.1, with supported database version as what database version should we install for our upgrade process, since we will move from 6.0 to 7.1 and then to 8.0 and finally to 9.1.

The question comes up, when is not supported by 7.1, but is a mandate for the upgrade.So shd we install the supported database version reqd with every PPM version, upgrade and test, or the final oracle version in our case ; install and then upgrades can be done with the this version.

The same question would also come up for OS, JDK versions.

Please suggest.

Jim Esler
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Re: Question on PPM Upgrade

Best practice would be to run only with supported levels of everything at each step. This would mean there would be a series of patch installs, database upgrades, JDK upgrades, PPM upgrades in a steady progression toward your target system. You can usually get away with minor version discrepancies (Oracle instead of, for instance) but a major release level would be a bad idea. In some cases, PPM will refuse to start if an incompatible version is detected.

You will need to include 7.5 in your upgrade progression. You cannot go directly from 7.1 to 8.0.