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Question on Behaviors of Custom Fields


Question on Behaviors of Custom Fields



Let say I have 2 dropdown custom fields: 1.) Region field & 2.) Site Name.


Is it possible that values in Site Name field will depend on the value of Region field that I select.



If Region Value Selected = "Region 1"

then Site Name Values = "Site 1", "Site 2", "Site 3"


If Region Value Selected = "Region 2"

then Site Name Values = "Site 4", "Site 5", "Site 6"


If Region Value Selected = "Region 3"

then Site Name Values = "Site 7", "Site 8", "Site 9"



Looking forward in your advice concerning this.


Thanks in advance


Marlene Mazzeo
Super Contributor.

Re: Question on Behaviors of Custom Fields

Yes, we do this will several of our validations.


We use the Description field of the validation to list the Region that the Site is a part of.


EX:  We have Regions with the following lookup_code and meaning:


AMX        Americas

EMEA     Europe, Middle East, Africa

ASIA        Asia


We then have Sites with the following lookup_code, meaning, and description


NY   New York     AMX

UK   UK                 EMEA

HK   Hong Kong   ASIA


If our Site Validation is named 'Site', and the Token that we setup for Region is P_REGION, and Region is in our Header, our SQL for the Site validation would be something like the following:


select lookup_code, meaning from knta_lookups where lookup_type = 'Site'

and upper(description) = upper([REQ.P.P_REGION)


You would need two validations for Site.  One would have the list of all of the Sites, and the other would be a Select statement like the one above.


Re: Question on Behaviors of Custom Fields

Hi Marlene,


Thanks for the reply.


I will be testing the advice that you posted.


I will let you know my progress.