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Question about performance while updating TC

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Question about performance while updating TC

Hi ,

We are having a requirment in which we need to update table component field via SQL procedure.


In this forum, i found that if the updates needs to be reflected immediately it is recommended to set TC cache (com.kintana.core.server.TABLE_ENTRY_CACHE_SIZE = 0) to zero in tune.conf.


1. Does this have any affect on the performance of PPM?

2. Is this caching behaviour the same in V7.x or did this change in V9?


We are using PPMC V9.14 patch 6




Jim Esler
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Re: Question about performance while updating TC

The reason for implementing a cache is to improve performance by reducing redundant database queries. In order to determine the effects on performance of inhibiting this particular cache in your environment, you would need to run performance tests with and without the cache enabled.


We force changes to table entries to be picked up immediately by clearing the Table Field Entries cache with the script after making the table change. Other people have said they were able to get the same result by updating the last change date field in all of the associated records.