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Question about installing HP PPM, urgent

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Question about installing HP PPM, urgent

Good afternoon,

I installed version 9.20 of the HP PPM on Windows 2003 server, installed from cygwin terminal. The installation finished. The database was created and is in the air, the Oracle services too.

When I try to climb HP PPM service at cygwin service does not rise. So I can not access the web, using "http://server-name:8080.".

I used the command ". /" to try to climb the service of HP PPM.

Could anyone help me so I can access the web using the link "http://server-name:8080"?

Thank you.

Jason Nichols K
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Re: Question about installing HP PPM, urgent



The first thing you should do is check the log files for the PPM server to see if it has started properly.  If you haven't changed any logging settings, the log should print out to the Cygwin window that you started PPM with.  If you have closed that Cygwin window, that may be part of the problem.  On Windows servers, you really need to use the services control panel to start and stop PPM.  If you start PPM in the Cygwin window, once you close the Cygwin window, all processes that it started are terminated, including PPM.  The installation should have created a service entry called 'HP PPM <servername>' that you can start and stop through the Services control panel. 


But getting back to the log file, that will be in <PPM_HOME>\server\<servername>\log and will be called serverLog.txt.  Look through that file, specifically at the end of the file, to see what may or may not be happening with your PPM instance.




Re: Question about installing HP PPM, urgent


I finished the tasks Java and the PPM service began.


Tks for your help.