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Question about Module

Dominic Almeida
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Question about Module


I have created two modules, and only a security group "Project Users" is provided access to that module

those modules are
1) Project Participants (has 3 portlets)
2) Project Dashboards (has 4 portlets)

what I only need to know that

If I want to display Module#2 first, whenever the users logs-in, then How do i move the Module up in the hierarchy?

I know that to resolve this, the user (the Project user) himself need to login and go to personalize dashboard and use the up down arrow keys to move "Project Dashboard" module up and "Project Participants" move down, but I need to do that as Administrator, so that the user do not have to do it.

Regards - raheel
Sascha Mohr
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Re: Question about Module

Hi, you can't really control that, the user can make changes to this sorting and If he creates personal pages the will always be the first.
There is however the option to define a default dashboard page that can be set by an admin. We tested this feature when it was introduced but decided against it, because our users are not a homogenious group of project managers. There are users with other roles, but you can only set one default dashboard page unfortunately.
Likely there is already a ER, if you want to support it, maybe tell HP SSO.