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Question about Line Approver

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Question about Line Approver



I have a project, where USER1 and USER2 are managers. So they are automaticcaly in the 'Summary Task Owners' list.


How is possible that when e.g. USER3 add task from this project to his timesheet, only USER1 is in approval details as Line approver. USER2 is not there.


Maybe I do not understand this properly but in my opinion, Line approver is person, who is in Summary Task Owners list.


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Re: Question about Line Approver

By default, besides resources default time approver, PM can approve the timesheet againt task or project.

Here's 2 way you can do what you want.

One way you can change the project setting in section cost and effort, in this section you can change the setting "Time logged against this project must be approved by a project representative from the following group:"

another way you can also create a override rule from workbench to override the default approver.