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Query to join Resource name with fm_cost_rates

Super Collector

Query to join Resource name with fm_cost_rates

we have a requirement that requires to show a username and its associated dollar rate.

The data model joins the knta_users table through the fm_cost_rates table, but the foreign key is the Currency Code, (which, in the fm_cost_rates table_ is assigned as USD for all resources).

As a result querying the fm_cost_rates table produces all results, due to the fact that all resources with cost rates are assigned the same currency code.

Is there another way to query this data from the system?
Super Collector

Re: Query to join Resource name with fm_cost_rates

For anyone else having this issue, the table fm_cost_factor_vals contains a column called cost_factor_value.

While this can be a resource, role, skill, etc. If the cost_factor=8 (or whatever your server is configured) you can use the cost_factor_value as a foreign key to the knta_users table.

Follow all proceeding joins to the fm_cost_rates table to get how much each resources makes in rate.

Now closing.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event