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Query for "Resource Load Breakdown - Assignment Details"

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Query for "Resource Load Breakdown - Assignment Details"

Anyone happen to have a query that will give the info on this portlet?  I assume this is a standard portlet...


It basically gives assignments vs. capacity with a detail of all tasks and requests assigned and the hours by week.


I'd like to customize the output and would prefer running a query instead of exporting the data to excel and messing with it.

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Re: Query for "Resource Load Breakdown - Assignment Details"

Hi Gary,


you should be able to catch the query - regardless of whether it's out of the box or custom -  by editing the logging.conf with the following parameters:



com.kintana.core.logging.PRODUCT_FUNCTION_LOGGING_LEVEL = com.kintana.web.portlets, DEBUG


When you run the ARP next time, it should log the query to the logs. No actions necessary on setting logging.conf parameters, they automatically take effect after half a min or so. don't forget to rollback those settings afterwardds - they cause a lot of noise in the logfiles.


Best regards,


Deepak Bhattad
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Re: Query for "Resource Load Breakdown - Assignment Details"

This does not seem to be working in Version 8.02.


All I see in the log file is DSH - 30800 and nothing beyond it.


Any ideas as to how you could get to the underlying query.


The requirement is that I need to see the data in FTE s and not hours. There may be a simple way to switch over to FTE view in the portlet but just that i m not aware.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event