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Query Builder Issue

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Query Builder Issue

Hi Team,


We are currently using HP PPM 7.5 SP7 and soon we are upgrading to PPM 9.1.


We are now facing issue with the Query Builder, wherein we specify a field 'A1' > 1000.  A1 being the field in a request type with validation to hold only Numeric Values. However, the query is returning rows which are having 'A1' values which are either = 1000 or < 1000.


Please let us know on how this criteria in Query Builder works normally.



Niraj Prabhu
Frequent Visitor

Re: Query Builder Issue


Can you check if the field A1 storage is using the Max Length 4000, inspite of having numeric validation? For field storage 4000, this seems to have shown error in my previous testing. May be similar issue is at your end. Try building sql query and execute to see, if the criteria > 1000 returns correctly.

I suspect if database stored it differently. Since it is a numeric field, try to_number as well. One of this should provide you some hint.
Niraj P.
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Re: Query Builder Issue

Actually this being an OOB functionality , we will not be able to give the to_number conversion while specifying some condition.


Please let me know if my understanding is right or not.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event