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Push existing to different workflow

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tony sanchez_1
Valued Contributor.

Push existing to different workflow


we have an issue where a request has somehow been attached to the OOTB workflow "Bug request Type Workflow" ( we can reproduce the issue when our custom project request type has [] in the project name but not for other requests ) and as a result, once created, we cannot advance the request to closure state via workflow buttons.

Is there some mechanism ( package function ) that allows us to move a request through to the closure state rather than cancelling them ?
Łukasz Czech
Super Contributor.

Re: Push existing to different workflow

Hi Tony,

please look at the thread:

last 2 comments describes how to move request to different step in workflow in PPM 7.X

Hope it helps
Lukasz Czech
Volker Schoettn
Honored Contributor.

Re: Push existing to different workflow


the "Bug request Type Workflow" Steps have no security configured.
Give the an admin user access to the workflow steps, than the user can move the request through the workflow.

When you have done this you should disable the workflow to prevend further use.

Configure a rule in your request type, fired on creation, to set the correct workflow in any case.

tony sanchez_1
Valued Contributor.

Re: Push existing to different workflow

Thanks for the feedback.

we were of the understanding that changes to a workflow were never reflected in existing requests, only new requests.

So we have managed to push these requests through to closed status