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Proposal to Project - KWFL-30206

Jamie Pick
Super Contributor.

Proposal to Project - KWFL-30206

In our Proposal requests, we have a workflow step that spawns a Project, using the OOTB "PM - Create Project" execution step. Every so often this will fail and we'll see the following error "This Request was interrupted by a server shut down. (KWFL-30206)" in the Notes section of the request.

The problem here is that the 'Failed' result of this workflow step loops back to itself, which in turn leads to thousands upon thousands of log files to be generated for this request. Changing the workflow should help in reducing these log files.

Has anyone run across the "This Request was interrupted by a server shut down. (KWFL-30206)" error? If so, what was done to resolve it?


Jamie Pick
Erik Cole
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Re: Proposal to Project - KWFL-30206

Jamie, has a server shutdown actually occurred while the request is in its indefinite loop, or are you saying that you're receiving this error even though the server has not been shut down?