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Project settings - change scheduled effort

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Project settings - change scheduled effort

Good morning

I want change to "manually enter Scheduled Effort" in project settings for all existing project.

Now for do this I open each project and set manually the flag.

Is possible set that flag in one step for all projects?  For examble by modify a field in data Model?



Derek Giedd
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Re: Project settings - change scheduled effort

If you are referring to the Project Settings, Cost and Effort tab, Scheduled Effort inthe Workplan section, Manually enter Scheduled Effort per task assignment radion button, then this should do it for you.  This also changes the Project Type to the same value.  If you want to leave the project type alone, then you will need to make a small change by adding the line "AND pt.project_id is null" in the WHERE clause.

UPDATE itg_settings_attributes
   SET VALUE = 'false',
       last_update_date = SYSDATE,
       last_updated_by = 1
 WHERE settings_attribute_id IN (
SELECT sca.settings_attribute_id
  FROM itg_settings_cont_attrs sca, itg_settings_attributes sa, pm_project_types pt
 WHERE sa.settings_attribute_id = sca.settings_attribute_id 
   AND sca.settings_container_id = pt.pt_settings_key
   AND = 'field.autoMode'
   AND pt.project_type_name LIKE 'Project');

You will need to change the last line to the project type affected by the change.  Or, if you wanit it for all project types, you can remove the last line except for ");".


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Re: Project settings - change scheduled effort

Thank you very much, it's the correct solution