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Project life cycle

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Project life cycle



I'm looking for a way to solve a project life cycle problem.


My project lifecycle looks like this.


1. Project registration request type (Field group = PFM - Proposal) upon completion of this request, this request type automatically creates a project proposal by use of the ksc_copy_request command. The problem here is that this request type cannot have the PFM - project type field group as the ksc_copy_request command is not supported with the above mentioned field group.


2. Project Proposal request type (Field group = PFM - Project), this automatically creates a project request type by use of ksc_create_project command.

3. Project request type (Field group = PFM project)


The problem


The main problem is that PPM does not recognize my project registration request is part of the project lifecycle and so the financial entries in the financial summary are rolled up as separate entities. Let me explain.


  1. Request 30010 which is a project registration form has 1000 USD on the actual spent
  2. Request 30011 which is a project proposal form has 1000 USD on the actual spent
  3. Request 30012 which is a project request has 1000 USD on the actual spent.


When these requests are added into a portfolio the total amount spent is shown as 2000 USD, which is incorrect. The project proposal and project request are summed up once (in other words the project request is summed up but the project proposal is omitted: this is correct) but the project registration is summed up as a separate entity.


Is there a way I can indicate that the project registration is part of the project lifecycle?




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Re: Project life cycle

As my understand, the entity lifecyle is from proposal -> project -> asset and they share a same financial summary.There's no reason to be from proposal->proposal.

Why don't you combine the registration request and proposal request to one proposal request? The phase could be controlled by workflow.

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Re: Project life cycle

Hi ,we decided to combine the project registration into the project proposal request type.But thanks for your response.