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Project Issues on Program Overview Page

Jason Nichols K
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Project Issues on Program Overview Page

I have a client that is running 9.12 and are just getting started with Programs in PPM.  They implemented Project Mgmt last year and now want to expand their capabilities.  They are not using the default Project Issue and Project Risk requests types, but copies of them.  The Project Type has the appropriate RTs defined.  The risk and issue request type and workflow are copies of the Project Risk and Project Issue RT and WF.  When they escalate a Risk or Issue to Program, it does not show up in their graph.  I have a 9.13 instance where I setup this scenario: copied the RTs, created a new Project Type to use a custom Project RT and the custom R&I RTs, created a new project, created a new Program with the new Project.  Created an Issue from within the Project and set the escalation level to Program.  Going back to the Program Overview Page, the Issue is there.


I have also tried to create a PFM - Project with a Project Issue tied to it and it does not show up either.


I haven't seen anything in the Release Notes about this issue in SP3 or SP4, but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this?

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Re: Project Issues on Program Overview Page

we are on 9.12 with SP2, using custom (copied pfm requests) issues and risks for our projects that when escalated do show up in the corresponding program