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Project Costs rolled up to Program

Brandon Kniffen
Valued Contributor.

Project Costs rolled up to Program

Does anyone know if both the planned and actual costs actually roll up to a program budget from the related projects. I associated a couple projects and see the actuals rolling up, but not the planned values. Is that how it actually works?

Semenov Alexand
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Project Costs rolled up to Program

Hi Brandon!
In Program UG write this:HP Financial Management capabilities let you track planning-related cost data
in the form of budgets. You can view financial information for the projects
included in a program if the projects are configured to track this information,
and if you enable HP Financial Management for the program.
This includes overall cost information for the active baseline, plan and actuals,
with breakdown based on labor versus non-labor, and capital expenses versus
operating expenses. You can capture cost data during project plan execution,
and then compare this cost data to financial data recorded in project or program

May be this is BUG(planned not rolled up).
Good Luck