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Program User Data fields not editable

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Program User Data fields not editable

About to log a case with HP about this, but curious if anyone else has encountered the issue.  When adding a new User Data field to a Program in 9.14, the fields are not editable in PPM.  


Has anyone else encountered this issue (or something similar)?

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Re: Program User Data fields not editable

Program user data field is only editable to Program Maanger or Admin.


Put you name in Program manager, you'll be able to edit it.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Program User Data fields not editable

I ran into this just yesterday, but figured-out the root cause...


I "created" a new UserData field by using the Copy From feature, selecting an existing field (with the desired name/validation attributes.)  Then, found I couldn't edit it... At first, I thought it may be that the UD would only be editable for programs created subsequent to the addition but, after creating a new program, that theory was discounted.


Next, I deleted the UD and recreated - this time from scratch.  No problems...  After reflecting on what I'd done originally, I realized that the source of my Copy From field had been a Request Header - evidently, that caused the non-editable situation.


I didn't take the time to see if using a field from a Program User Data entity as my Copy From source would work (if that's even possible...)

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