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Program Functionality

Ted Power
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Program Functionality

We are trying to use the PPM Program functionality but are coming across some limitations.  I added some user data fields, but they are all limited to 200 characters and that is not enough for our reporting.  I looked to then change the names of the Benefits and Status Notes fields so that we could use them, but when I looked they are coming from the database table columns from the PM_PROGRAMS table. 


Has anyone ever been able to customize the out-of-the-box program field names?


OR has anyone been able to add fields to the Program record that are larger than 200 characters?

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Re: Program Functionality

Hi Ted,


There is no way to change default fields if you want to use them in program management, as you said because of the table. Again because of table has no larger than 200 char field you can't define user definied field larder than it. For example request table has 200 and 4000 char fields. To change Benefits and Status Notes fields, may cause some inconsistencies.




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