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Process for requesting an (Hour/FTE) Estimate on a Staffing Profile

Christie S. Mal
Occasional Advisor

Process for requesting an (Hour/FTE) Estimate on a Staffing Profile

We are trying to get ideas on how to request staffing profile estimates in PPM 7.1. For instance, if you need a Java resource for your project, but you are unsure how much time is required to complete the Java work, you need to request an estimate from the Java resource manager. How do you normally handle a situation like that?

How does the Java Resource Manager know that they need to review the staffing profile and provide an estimate only, not a resource name? Do you send a notification through the workflow? Or, do you use a process outside of PPM to request the estimate (e-mail, etc.)

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
Darshan Bavisi
Occasional Visitor

Re: Process for requesting an (Hour/FTE) Estimate on a Staffing Profile

Hello Christie,

Estimation process is not part of PPM. Normally this would be done outside of PPM. In this case, you can ask (out of ppm) the resource manager to only soft book the resources on the staffing profile and not commit it. This will be then a training issue to both the resource managers and project managers on what would be definition of soft booking in your system, i.e. this will be an estimation only.

Other option could be to create a request type and use table component to do the estimation process, before initiating the staffing profile process. It would have been good to have the estimation process that you mentioned in PPM.

Also, there are no notifications available in 7.1 for the staffing profile requests, but these notifications are available in 7.5. May be 7.5 will allow you to customize the notification where you can put the note to estimate, instead of commit resources on staffing profile.
Cris Robin
Regular Collector

Re: Process for requesting an (Hour/FTE) Estimate on a Staffing Profile

Hello Christie

The way I see it:

For every request, there are few roles that take action in the request.

The one that create the request is asking for some think to be done and by what department.
Then the request travels in the workflow to this department to enter the estimated budget and workload.
You can make the budget and the staffing profile in this step mandatory.
Each of those entities got estimated and actual values.

Hope you will find this helpful

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