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Problems involving steps

Marc Canovas
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Problems involving steps


We're having some problems when advancing trough some workflows of our projects, which I'll try to explain.

First of all, we found that, in some steps, PPM asks for a required field in a previous page, and in some other steps, this field appears as required right in its step.(see "action_required.jpg" in the attachment).

We came to the conclusion that PPM does this depending on the number of transitions that the step has, i.e., when the step has more than one possible transition, the required fields are asked before arriving to the step, whereas if it only has a transition, that previous page doesn't exist.

That shouldn't be a big problem, but we find that, after filling in the required field in that previous page, the application shows, sometimes, two types of errors.

The first one, and probably the most critical, is shown in the "could_not_be_saved.jpg" file, and consists in a sentence like this: "Some of your updates could not be saved because they were simultaneously updated by another user. Below are the details of the differences between the updates. You can choose to re-apply your updates and save this request again". Then lists the fields that haven't been filled correctly.

The other error, that happens in the same circumstancies, is shown in the "refresh_the_request.jpg" file, and tells you this:"This Request has been updated by another user. Please refresh the Request and then continue with your changes. (KCRT-40134)."

The difference between them is that, in the first case, you have to refill the fields, while in the other case, you only need to refresh in order to continue to the other step.

We have been testing this issue in many different ways, and we haven't been able to get a solution, so I ask this here to see if we have more luck so far to now...

Thank you for your help,