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Problem with configuring field for Search functionality

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Problem with configuring field for Search functionality

Hi Team,


We are currently working on HP PPM 7.5 SP6. and recently we have added a field on to the request type. the users wanted that field to be available for search and after configuring the field property is different in Search when compared to request type.


the field is a Drop Down list and in search is an ACL. and user wants the same Drop down as its available on Request type. How to achieve this, please help.


additionally, on a numeric field, How to configure to accept the values in range on search functinality. I meant if there is field B, having Numeric validation. This field need to be available in search functionality with FROM and TO fields.


Please somebody help in answering these queries


thanks in advance



Erik Cole
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Re: Problem with configuring field for Search functionality



You should be able to configure the validation used for search in the request type when you edit the field, but typically you use an ACL validation that includes disabled values so you can search for historical values as well.

As for searching for values in a range, you can use the Query Builder section of the search requests form to build constraints like this.