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Problem viewing attachments files.

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Problem viewing attachments files.

Hi everyone,


I developed an interfase to update a pdf file into knta_documents table and related to a request. I'm using the following tables of PPM



In our development environment I didn't have problems when inserting documents or versioning, the user could open the link of the attach field without a problem. But when I tried to use the same feature in a new environment (with the same version 9.22) the relation is created, the blob is updated (and I checked that the file could open without problems from the database) but if the user click on the link, PPM indicated me that the file don't exist.


The PPM version is the same, the only difference is that on my test environment my app used a 32 bit oracle driver and the new one is using a 64 bit oracle driver to connect to PPM. The blob in both cases can be saved and open to a filesystem without  a problem.


I'm attaching the SP I'm using to create the document id and update the file.


Thanks in advance for your help.






Re: Problem viewing attachments files.

I'm attaching the Stored Procedure.


Re: Problem viewing attachments files.

Had to remigrate again from filesystem to DMS, its working now.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event