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Problem assigning User Access to request types

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Problem assigning User Access to request types

Hi All,


My client is using an old version of PPM, well ITG 6.5 SP15 to be specific.  This week I created a couple of new request types but when I tried to set up the security on the User Access tab it just kept adding a new Created By row every time.  I've tried adding security groups, user names, standard tokens and custom tokens but every time a Created By row is added instead.  Even existing request types are doing this now so I can't add any new security to any request type.


Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?




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Re: Problem assigning User Access to request types

Hi Stuart,


Sometimes programs confused and crash down or work unstable. In this instability sitution you should follow these steps respectively:

1) with A (mean All) : This flush all cheche.

2) Stop/Start PPM server.

3) Reboot whole systems even OS.

I know its not a genius way but In my 16 years experiance I saw it works.


Even if reboot whole systems, the issue still continue you should open an urgent level case to HP because the issue has became a bug.




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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event