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Problem Synchronizing the Workplan


Problem Synchronizing the Workplan

Hi All,

The problem, i'm having here is regarding the Workplan synchronization with PPM

- I created a Project in PPM,
- Created Workplan
- exported/openned the workplan in Ms Project
- Did some changes
(assigned some resources to tasks)
- Click on update workplan through PPM Center

and got the Error as (pic attached)
Task Error: Cannot Remove resource from Task
One or more resources that have been removed from the task (Task Name) that have actuals to the task in PPM

Please restore the removed resource in Ms Project and synchronize again.


but in reality, i didnt remove any resource, but i assigned some resources to un assigned tasks.

Please help me in this issue

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Re: Problem Synchronizing the Workplan


Please check your MSP setting in Project Setting for this may be you getting this error becuase the mode you have configured in your setting is not allowing you to edit the resource information whether its Scheduel or Actual.

If its in shared mode then you would be able to perform updation only on Schedule data by using MSP.

pradeep k.r.
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Re: Problem Synchronizing the Workplan


If you have the settings in shared mode and running project 2003.Please try the following steps to fix the problem:

1, Open the existing MSP project.
2, In MSP, do "Update associated work plan..." and "Retrieve actuals from PPM".
3, Backup the wp_tasks table.
4, Run sql updates:
update wp_tasks set msp_uid = -1 where work_plan_id = ;
5, In MSP, do "Update associated work plan..." and then "Send work plan information to PPM".

Bradley Bertole
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Re: Problem Synchronizing the Workplan

To sort of reiterate a piece of the above comment, it sounds like you definitely want to make changes in MSP, and I will assume that you also make changes to the workplan in PPM. If you are in fact going to be making changes both in PPM and MSP, please ensure you have selected the "Controlls shared" Microsoft Project Integration "Integration Mode". This can be done by checking/editing the Project Type from Administration in the left menu of PPM.
Josh Lankford
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Re: Problem Synchronizing the Workplan

I too am having this same issue and have tried the steps oultined by Pradeep, however this did not solve the issue. Any other ideas? Does the issue have anything to do with the option that i choose for the types of actuals to send from PPM to MSP?
Please help!

Thank you,