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Primavera & PPM Integration

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Primavera & PPM Integration


There is a client who has Primavera Project Management Solution and wants a solution that complements it. I suggested HP PPM (Requirement Management & Demand Management) as previous stage to the project management. I need you replay about if the HP PPM can integrate with Primavera and how we can capitalize this integration. Finally, I you have any useful documents related to this issue please forward it to me
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Re: Primavera & PPM Integration

Hi Eng,

There is only way to use PPM web services. Consider that you couldn't develop any code even consume web services in PPM. Because of that If you want to connect with PPM you have only one way that consume PPM web services.

Do you want documents about web services?


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Re: Primavera & PPM Integration



One of our departments are working with the PPM-HP system and we need to export from HP and import it into Primavera.

What is the steps or procedure to do this?

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Re: Primavera & PPM Integration

You want to just export data from HP PPM then you can simply query the required tables; more details can be found in data model guide.


Alternatively you can also use PPM web services to fethc/extract the data, but agian it will be time consuming.. comapred to DB extract.



From Primavera side, you need to check how you can import the extracted data.

Utkarsh Mishra

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