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Possibility to add a new Cost factor to PPMC 7.1

Sergey Poshevko
Regular Collector

Possibility to add a new Cost factor to PPMC 7.1

Good time everyone!

I need to be able to setting up resources cost rates depends on some specific calculated coefficient (Cost factor) marked, for example, as «K» with, for example, the following values {0,1;0,2;…;1}. Those values should be calculated or selected by user for every single project. For example we have a project – «Implementation of Service Desk System» and coefficient «K = 0,4» was selected for it. And since that moment the proper Cost rate rules should start to calculate proper resource rates for all resources linked to the project’s work plan.

Question is- is it possible to add a new custom Cost factor to the system with some specific list of values, and if it is possible then could you advice me how it can be done?

Please advice!
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event