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Portlet Events



Can anybody tell ne how to use the portlet events. A small example would be handy.




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Re: Portlet Events

Portlet events are basically used in Portlet Communication. You need to tie up an event with every Portlet communication. Here is an example


I have Portlet_1 as a Pie Chat; which is diplaying the Requests group by Request type.


Now I have another Portel_2 which is List portlet and is displaying the Request list.


Notice: that both the Portlets are on SAME page.


Now If I want to change Portlet_2 (list) data based on the selection/Click in Portlet_1 (show the list of requests for only selected/click Request type) then I will use Portlet communication and for this I need to define any event.


So basically it is similar to Drill down Portlet; the only difference is that in drill down the result is shown in new page where as in Porltet communication the result is displayed on Same page.




Simply define an event in Configure Portlet and then link it the same way you do it in Drill down portlet. For more information go through the Porltet creation guide provide by HP.

Utkarsh Mishra

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