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Portlet Drill-down

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Portlet Drill-down


I'm experiencing inconsistent behaviour when using the portlet drill-down option. For example, when I use a bar chart with three bars A, B and C. When I click on A, only the list for A needs to appear. But it only appears correctly sometimes and at sometimes the entire list of (A+B+C) appears. Is there someway to control this or am I missing something? Thanks!
Semenov Alexand
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Re: Portlet Drill-down

Good Day.
Drill down in PPM working same as in Crystel reports for example. You have 2 reports. from report 1 you send parameter to report2.
For drill you need create 2 portlets. In portlet 2 you nee create filter field for example 'project_id'.
In portlet 1 you have same field and set dril for more inf. In dril setting in portlet 1 you select portlet2 and send 'project_id' as source to portlet2.
For more inf can send screen (
Good luck