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Portlet Column Header

Deepak Bhattad
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Portlet Column Header



I would like to know if there is a way wherein the Column headers of a portlet could be made dynamic to change.


For example I have a requirement wherein the Column header needs to be pertaining to a month selected in the filter field. So for example if the month selected in the filter field is January 2011 then the column headers should be January 2011, February 2011, March 2011 etc. The number of columns will be fixed but the column headers need to dynamically change.


Currently what I have done is that I have created row which will be the first row in the result set and which will act as a Sub header  but I want to get rid of it.


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Re: Portlet Column Header

It's not possible with datasource based portlets. You could do it well with java portlets.

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Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Portlet Column Header



Can you share any example for how to achieve this using java portlets.



Niraj P.
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Re: Portlet Column Header

check birt in google