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Porlets and reports

Jorge Avendano
Trusted Contributor.

Porlets and reports

Do you know what is the difference between Porlets and reports in PPM v7.5???
Can I customize porlets and reports according with the customer information???

Thank you for your support.
Mahen M
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Re: Porlets and reports

There are many different types of portlets like Java Portlet(You have to write SQL with in java codes using JSR168 specifications) WSRP Portlets and Custom Portlets.

For Custom portlets there are different types like Bar, Pie Chart, Rows & Column portlets. There are some limitations in using Custom portlets when compared with OOTB Portlets.

For Reports there is OOTB reports and Custom reports, for Custom reports you have to write PL/SQL Procedure, Like Portlets, Custom reports have some limitations.

You can customize the Custom Portlets the way you want, but the for OOTB stuff you have some limitations.

Mahendran M
Jorge Avendano
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Porlets and reports

Thank you for your support, but I have a doubt. I need create a report that the company must generate monthly where show the status of the projects, other report with the project costs and other report with the issues registered.

I know that I can show this information through portlets into a dashboard.

Which is the difference between develop a report and develop a dashboard in this case???

If I develop a report, how can I configure the way to present the results of the report into excel format or PDF format??? The "report guide and reference manual" isn't clear explaining this part.
Volker Schoettn
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Re: Porlets and reports

Hi Jorge,

portlets are more "real time" than reports.
For instance: You change a field value in a request. The portlet shows the change immedatly.
The report shows the field value as it was at run time of the report.

The better way to fullfill your requirment is a report.
But ootb is there no way to generate excel or pdf format.

For pdf you must code some java functionallity or using an additional reporting tool.

For excel you can try to use a PL/SQL based report (there are examples in the /scripts dir) and write the output in excel conform xml format or use external reporting tool or java code...