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Porlet into request

Daniel Galvez

Porlet into request

Hi All!!!

I have the following "requirement", We have a amount of requests that have a behavior weekly, so I need to show a line chart from a specific request to show their behavior.
I think three options:
- The first option is to create a porlet that receive the number of the request as a parameter,by clicking a link into the request, but the issue with that was that I couldn't create a data source that receive the request number as parameter, I think that in data sources I only can use "SYS." tokens.
- The second option that I think to that requirement is that create a porlet that user has to "configure" the request that they want to see their behavior, but I don't know how to create a porlet like this.
- The third option is to put the porlet into the request but I think that it is not possible.

I'll wait your comments...
Kind regards,
Mahen M
Honored Contributor

Re: Porlet into request

Hi Dan,
What is your requirement will the portlet have only one request ID as input or multiple Request ID as input? Please advice.

If possible can you paste the DS Query here?

I am not sure what type of behaviour your users want to see, If you give detailed requirements we can look into this further.

I hope you can add portlets into Project type but not into Request type, I maby be wrong.

Mahendran M
Daniel Galvez

Re: Porlet into request

Hi Mahen,

Thank you very much for your response. Mahen
our case is that we have a group of requests (more lest 400) and they want to see the behavior for each request into the line chart porlet, but they want to see one request at the time; so this is the reason that I thought the three scenarios:
- The first to create a porlet that receive the request number by parameter.
- The second to create a porlet that it could be configurable for the user that he could select the request that he wants to see the behavior.
- The third is to "put" the porlet (the link or the graphic) into the request.

I'm attaching the sql from the DS. I hope I have explained better our case.

Kind regards,

Jim Esler
Honored Contributor

Re: Porlet into request

You could have a portlet that lists all of the requests you would be interested in. Set up your detailed portlet for a single request as a drill-down portlet, passing to it the request number from the selected line.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event