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Permission Question

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Permission Question

I have a security group that have Edit All Requests permission. In a request type, the security grants are not set however the delete button  is enabled. However if I remove the Ediat All Request Permission from the group the button is hide.



Is this the default behavior of that permissión? Isn't supposed to be the only posibility to delete requests, the request type grants options?





Honored Contributor

Re: Permission Question

Yes, this is the default behaviour.


"Edit All Request" is the main grant which override the setting done in "User Access" tab in Request Type. So this is normal behaviour. In addtion to this if "Edit All Request" grant is given it will give access to all the active Request type in the system irrespective of the security define in Request Type level. "Edit All Request" grant include access for.


  • creating request
  •  editing request
  •  deleting/canceling request
  •  changing the request's workflow
  •  overriding references


Generally as per best practise we sould avoid Edit All grant and rather just give "Edit Request" grants and then define the appropriate access in User access tab of Request type (i.e. view, edit, create, cancel and delete).




Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Permission Question

Thanks Utkarsh!!!

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event