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Performance in 9.12

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Performance in 9.12


We are about to upgrade prod to 9.12 in a couple of weeks. Our tests is working fine however we can feel that its not as responsive as 8.02. It takes a couple of seconds extra here and there. I guess we can tune it. Someone that can give me some general tips besides database parameters?

Thanks Johan

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Re: Performance in 9.12



we are in the same phase - PROD is supposed to go live in 2 weeks from now.


What you can do (in generic terms):

- check the performance of the DB and PPM servers - I saw several non-production environments where there is big performance gap because of I/O concurrency and/or lack of CPU resources

- if you have a large number of users, try increasing the JVM parameters;

- we always force JSP recompilation just after the PPM server has completed startup;

- disable any heavy services which you are not using.


What you can also do, but it requires some investigation in the configured entities:

- run AWR on the database periodically and investigate the most consuming queries;

- which are the areas where you get the delay? is it dashboard pages (specific pages maybe) / automatic step execution / request page loading?


Best of luck for the PRD upgrade!




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--remember to kudos people who helped solve your problem