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Percent Complete how is calculated in projects?

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Gerardo Gamez
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Percent Complete how is calculated in projects?



I have a question, in a PPM project how is calculated the percent complete column? I have an specific work plan that I think is miscalculating that column because it should be the average of the child tasks or I'm calculating wrong?

I attach an image of the work plan where displays the parent task as 28% complete but I think it should be 62.5%

Can anyone help me or correct me with this?


Thanks and regards.

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Re: Percent Complete how is calculated in projects?


It's different for summary tasks and leaf-level tasks.

Task % Complete for summary tasks (and the project itself) is based on the Scheduled Duration, not the Scheduled Effort. The formula is:

sum(task % complete * task scheduled duration converted to hrs) / sum(task scheduled duration converted to hrs)

This is also how MS Project's % Complete field is calculated, although MSP also has a % Work Complete field that is based on the scheduled & actual effort completed (not Duration). PPM does not have this field, but that is the calculation that is used for the bottom-level tasks. the project and summary task levels be aware that the % Complete is not directly reflective of the amount of effort completed. Inasmuch as your tasks' scheduled duration (converted into hrs) differs from their scheduled effort, there will be an "error" in % complete.

I can't see all the numbers in your screenshot, but it looks like this could be the difference you're wondering about.

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Re: Percent Complete how is calculated in projects?

How is percent complete calculated at the child task level?   We have HP Project Managment and Time Managment Integrated. When I look at an individual child level task that has actuals recorded the percent complete shows 0. What triggers this percent complete calculation here?


Resource    Scheduled Effort (hrs)    Actual Effort (hrs)   % Complete    

Person 1             4                                   1.5                       0    

Person 2            4                                   0                         0    

Person 3            4                                   1                          0    

Overall:              16                                  2.5                       0  

Erik Cole
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Re: Percent Complete how is calculated in projects?'s whatever the resource has specified as percent complete on his time sheet, on the "Other Actuals" tab. By default, it should calculate based on AE/SE.

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Re: Percent Complete how is calculated in projects?

Thank you for responding.

We don't have users enter percent complete on their timesheets. They don't generally access the "Other Actuals" tab.  

We chose not to have the following Cost and Effort Project Type Option set.

Require resources to enter % Complete along with actual effort

If this option is selected, when a resource enters actual effort for an assigned task (on time sheets or elsewhere), the resource must also specify a non-zero value for % Complete. If this option is not selected, resources do not need to specify % Complete, and project managers can specify it later.


It doesn’t appear by default that PPM calculates task level percent complete based on AE/SE.

Is this a configuration option that needs set somewhere?

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Re: Percent Complete how is calculated in projects?

The documentation is not clear, but I have found that when Project Setting "Track Estimated Remaining Effort per resource assignment " is not set on the "Cost and Effort" page, then PPM does not automatically calculate Percent Complete.  However, when the setting is enabled, then PPM will automatically calculate Percent Complete (based on its formulas).. 

It is best to enable this setting during initial project setup.  If you change the setting on a project that is already in-progress, you may need to make some manual adjustments to the EREs to make sure they are correct for PPMs future percent complete calculations when new actuals are logged.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event