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PeopleSoft extensions for Deployment Management

Mike Ramberg
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PeopleSoft extensions for Deployment Management

Hello, We are using change management in ITG version 6.0 with the PeopleSoft extensions. I am now running a gap analysis for our upgrade to PPM version 7. I would like to go to version 7.5, but the documentation says that the PeopleSoft extensions are no longer supported. I logged this with support and they confirmed this. Has anyone else hit this problem? Why would HP drop support for this? There are a number of features that I would like to get in version 7.5, but if I can no longer use deployment management for PeopleSoft I might have to reconsider this upgrade. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

Re: PeopleSoft extensions for Deployment Management

I agree they should support what they have already delivered in the past, even if they no longer provide any additional enhancements.

We used the PeopleSoft extension when we first started using PPM, but have modified our objects and processes quite a bit from the delivered. We also adopted PPM prior to the built-in check-in/check-out functionality, so never adopted that and do not use the delivered portlets, etc.

Since we are mainly using just the object types, and are on a version of PeopleTools not currently supported by PPM, I would not be concerned with upgrading our environments to 7.5.

HP should still assist with the object commands, as long as the issue is not a PeopleSoft-specific issue.

An example I had was with the encrypted password string being passed instead of the password. This was a huge issue with DMS scripts within patches. Although we were on a Tools version not supported (8.48), HP assisted us in resolving the issue, since it was related to a change they made as part of 7.1, SP6. SP5 and earlier did not have this change, and the change was not documented; not sure if still undocumented.

We are currently on 7.1 SP6 and looking to upgrade to 7.5 in Q1 of 2009. We are using PPM to migrate code for PeopleSoft EPM, HR, FSCM, and CRM.

Re: PeopleSoft extensions for Deployment Management

Just wanted to add an update here.

We have upgraded our Evaluation environment from 7.1 SP6 to 7.5 SP3.

HP removed the majority of the Validations, etc delivered as part of the PeopleSoft Extension.

We could not even open the Environments after the upgrade.

Still working on a final resolution.

I was finally able to make it work, but now we have a lot of testing to complete.

We will be looking into potentially using User Data fields for the fields formerly used by the PeopleSoft Extension.
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